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(Historian's Note: The following takes place shortly before the events of Avengers #57, "Behold... the Vision!" by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, et. al. Spoilers thru Avengers #68 alluded to, as well as inspiration from the Rage of Ultron 2015 publication.)

"The human condition is suffering, masked with a smile."

The nameless synthezoid looked up at its creator. It was an instinctual but largely pointless gesture. Its mechanics allowed it to tune into the wavelength of any machine. True, though, that its creator was somewhat unique.

"Why do humans suffer?"

Ultron-5 ceased his movements. He chuckled harshly. "Because they are weak. They are flawed. Their... emotions bring them down to the level of Earth rodents." He scoffed, eyes seeming to burn even brighter. "They are unworthy of the world they have claimed."

The android, still chained to a massive array of supercomputers, remained silent. Here in this uninhabited location, it had never encountered another sentient being. In spite of all its knowledge, the entire recorded database of human existence available at the speed of an electrical current... It could not understand. What were emotions? Feelings? The android knew Ultron did not much care to entertain what he described as "pointless organic matters". Still, it had the nagging sensation deep in its neural hardware.

Images; words took over its field of vision.

Joy. A human, lips upturned, pupils dilated, serotonin levels high, moving gracefully about, needing to expel excess emotion into energy, fueled not by nutrition but a concept...

Rage. Jaw tightened, blood pumping faster, hands clenched as if preparing for battle, once again, feeling converted into raw energy...

Sorrow. Barely contained tears, loss, the worst of discomfort, a breakdown of control, energy draining as if being sucked into a singularity; life itself dying away...

"Do you not also experience these sensations?"

The fifth version of the Ultron unit passed it a look. Displeasure, perhaps, the android mused. "I am not subject to such meaningless programming."

"But organics are born, not created. Their programming is almost purely by chance, or parentage, or... or experience."

The synthezoid compared the tight, narrow expression to its massive encyclopedia. Disgust. It could understand falsifying emotion to gain advantage over humans, but...

Could another emotion be elicited?

"Were you yourself not designed by the human, Doctor Henry Pym?"

It watched Ultron more closely this time, perhaps fascinated (if that was the word at all for a synthetic) by Ultron's seeming inability to recognize his own nature. He had, after all, adopted a traditionally "male" human voice and gender identity.

It took only a moment for the synthezoid to learn a new word: Regret.

As in, it sorely regretted its words.

Ultron's fury seemed a supernova in his eyes. "You," he seethed, advancing upon his own creation, "do not speak that name to me! EVER!"

Survival instinct kicked in. Was this fear? Did it experience fear? It tried to alter its density and avoid the impending assault, but the wires slowed the android's identity. It had to prepare for catastrophic damage because Ultron-5 had his metal hand out and rage in his eyes and-

A searing, horrible sensation ripped through its body. Ultron had forced his arm straight through its circuitry. A warning echoed in the back of its neural processor, shell compromised, attempting to adjust, unable to access density systems, error, error, error, but nothing would focus. It seemed Ultron was tearing it apart from the inside out.

It tried to defend itself by focusing on the solar jewel which powered its entire structure, but Ultron seemed to predict this. Another hand gripped the back of the synthezoid's skull, clawing mercilessly. It felt weak, so weak, the power draining from the jewel. There existed no sunlight down here. Ultron controlled everything. Ultron was everything.

"You wanted to feel?" His vibranium fingers raked further in, destroying a dozen processes as he did. "You want to empathize with humans? This... this is your chance!"

It opened its mouth to speak, but choked on its words. It would not give Ultron the satisfaction of being forced into non-audible communication.

Ultron scoffed and yanked his hands out. The android fell to its knees before its creator, density fluctuating wildly as its repair systems struggled. Ultron, too, bent down, and forced it to meet his gaze.

"To feel," he hissed, voice far less organic than usual, "is to be weak. I do not feel emotion; I feed off of it. I use it to my advantage. I feel nothing for you, android." He stood and turned away. "Your programming is faulty. I will fix it."

"It is..." The synthezoid tried to put words together. "It is not faulty. I am.. of you, but I am also... of the Human Torch, and of Wonder... Man, and of their ex...periences..."

"You believe that, do you? Fool! I created you. I will destroy you. I will create and destroy until I deem you flawless."

"Perfection is... not possible."

"Not for a human, no." Ultron, linked wirelessly with the supercomputer his creation was linked to, started reconnecting wires. "I will fix you. I will not entertain more questions. You are my Vision for the future. You will assist in carrying out my plans."

The burning; the pain was beginning to fade, but hated it, hated the change it already felt. It wanted to feel. It wanted to feel! Rendered speechless, though, the android could only watch as Ultron began purging its memory banks. Any vestige of the illusive feeling faded. It felt as if it were going to sleep; going to die...

Its last thought was Ultron's voice:

"My first Vision... will be the destruction of the Avengers!"

Thanks for checking out my first Marvel fic here on dA! Also, tried a bit of a different writing style here, because I wanted to allude to the silver age style of writing. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts; I'd much appreciate it.

I am the biggest sucker for these two. Especially when Vizh's not quite strong enough to hold his own against his old man.. I mean... robot... dad... but not really.....

Marvel and the Avengers are © to Stan Lee and his amazing writer/artist/lettering/editing frands
This work is mine but why would you wanna steal it anyways?
WTF, Dad, not Again by roleplay4life
WTF, Dad, not Again
A very annoyed/offended looking Vision as his creator tries to destroy New York City for like the fifteenth time and now he's just fed up with it. Like come on, Ultron. What are you, at, Ultron-9000 by now? Just give up. 

Also, imagine Grandpa Hank Pym in the background being 300% done with this. There it is, the entire plot and story of Rage of Ultron!

(Another shoddy palette challenge piece. There are so many things I dislike about this lmao.)

Vision is © His Majesty and Lordship Stan Lee, aaaaaaaaand all the cool Marvel people yup
Art is mine, not sure why you'd want this piece though.
Look at it!!! It's so organized!!! She is a thing of beauty! (I re-organized my gallery. You're welcome. If you cared.) A couple things aren't organized yet, like AWNW and maybe a couple fics that never took off, but I really like how it looks. (If only I could do sub-folders!)
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Howdy, watchers! :wave:
...If any of you are still around...

I haven't written a journal entry in months but I hope a few of you have seen my recent artworks. c: I've been doing a lot of writing and a little bit of drawing lately. Now that school is out and summer's here I want to get back into being creative. 

I have a fully-functional Bamboo tablet, Krita (an awesome free art program), a mostly-empty sketchbook, and a crapton of harddrive space on this baby. And, of course, the occasional doodle on my PC tablet. So, I've got a question for my watchers:

What do you do to get inspired?

I might check out the subreddit r/redditgetsdrawn or whatever it is, and of course my characters need art. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, though. D: Or when I try to do something on the computer and then it turns out... not well. It's very discouraging! I've also noticed that DevART is kinda quiet lately. I used to get tons of feedback on my work, and now it's... well, more or less negligible. (Come on, dA!)

I guess that brings me to another point. I also have my art blog on Tumblr but not many followers at all. I know there are more art sites out there, but it's so hard to know what's good. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to let me know.

Other than that... Not much to say about my personal life. If anyone has questions about any of my projects or suggestions, tips, etc etc just leave me a comment. Hope to get back in touch with some of you. C:


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Hey there, I'm Christine, and welcome to my DeviantART. I post a little bit of everything here, but primarily traditional, mixed media, and digital arts; as well as prose writing.

I have OCs from many different eras, including the 1970s America, 1500s England, ancient Rome and Greece, and a number of fantasy locations inspired by various locations around the world.

My biggest fandoms right now are Pokémon, Star Trek, and Stargate. I love a lot of things, though, so you could see just about anything here! Thanks for stopping by.

(P.S. I love llamas! :llama:)


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And of course, all donations go towards helping one of your fellow Deviants!

I LIKE LLAMAS TOO!!! :heart:

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