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Does anybody get comments on this site anymore? Even popular artists I notice get like.. hardly any. 
Rage of Ultron by roleplay4life
Rage of Ultron
If you've read any of the Marvel comics, and haven't read Rage of Ultron, that is probably something which should be remedied. (In fact I'm tempted to fnd a way to make my digital edition free to read... shhh don't tell the comic companies.) But seriously, it's so amazing and incredible. Even if you don't know that much about a couple of the characters (Thor Goddess of Thunder, Wasp, Yellowjacket) it's still a really fantastic read. It deviates pretty far from the MCU film buuuuuut frankly I like the story better. 

So yes. Here. Have an ugly Ultron. Precious jack-o-lantern evil robot. c:

Ultron is © Marvel Comics, inspired by the aforementioned trade hardback
Mewtwo Y by roleplay4life
Mewtwo Y
Inspired after the (sub-par travesty) 16th Pokémon film. Honestly it was pretty bad but I liked Femtwo/Mewtwo Y/slightly less angry purple cat. Whatever. I'm a fan. Her Y form was kinda ugly IMO buuuut super fast?! And her Japanese VA was p good not gonna lie. I liked Red (Genesect)'s VA as well. ...Semi-hurrah for Genesect and the Legend Awakened? Except not rly because there was no way she's the same as the Mewtwo they released almost twenty years ago rofl

Art notes!! So it's kind of a personal work in progress but I want to be able to draw Mewtwo Y and Ol' Grumpster and have them be at least slightly different? So I'm thinking, do her in a more reddish spectrum (closer to red-violet/fuschia) and him as closer to the blues. Also I need to try and incorporate more of her Y-form into her usual appearance. Pointier ears/horns, more curl at the end of the tail, maybe toy with the appearance of her toes/fingers... I also need to figure out how to illustrate the odd point in the middle of her ribs. That's weird. Wider eyes? Smaller? Why is art hard sob

Mewtwo and all related forms © Pokémon, Nintendo, etc
This took me like.. idk maybe a few hours in Krita. I had fun.

P.S. that's supposed to be a pidgey egg, because there were pidgeys in that tiny little mismatched Poké-fam she healed up/recovered in for a short time after escaping from (Plasma??? Rocket????) a lab. Also because there was a Pidgeot and a Pidgeot clone in the first movies. So. Yeah. FLIES AWAY
So for the first time in forever I post a piece of art here, right? And it's one I'm actually pretty happy with. I've cleared out all my messages, and after a minute of the new piece being up, BOOM, a notification! ...Nope, false alarm. Just another person fav-ing an ancient, terrible poem I wrote about seven years ago. You never surprise me, DeviantART. Same as always.
You Can't Afford Her by roleplay4life
You Can't Afford Her
Okay. Confession. Not even a confession. I'm not even ashamed. Scandal is probably my favourite drama on TV right now, hands down. I love The Blacklist and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Gotham and many many others, but... Shonda Rhimes, man. Her storylines. I can't handle them.

ANYWAYS. Here we have the lovely and enchanting and incredibly intense Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) in all her amazing glory. The funny thing is, this is S5 near the beginning when she's first taken out of the prison. They cleaned her up and straightened her hair and even though she was imprisoned and tortured for weeks she still looks deadly and has all her wits about her. Freakin' Olivia Pope. Cannot even handle it.

~3 hours, Krita, off a screenshot reference from episode... three? of season 5. 

Scandal is © Shonda Rhimes, ABC, that-company-with-the-rollercoaster-animation-at-the-end-of-every-episode.. (Shondaland?)
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  • Playing: with Krita
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  • Drinking: 7-up
Howdy, watchers! :wave:
...If any of you are still around...

I haven't written a journal entry in months but I hope a few of you have seen my recent artworks. c: I've been doing a lot of writing and a little bit of drawing lately. Now that school is out and summer's here I want to get back into being creative. 

I have a fully-functional Bamboo tablet, Krita (an awesome free art program), a mostly-empty sketchbook, and a crapton of harddrive space on this baby. And, of course, the occasional doodle on my PC tablet. So, I've got a question for my watchers:

What do you do to get inspired?

I might check out the subreddit r/redditgetsdrawn or whatever it is, and of course my characters need art. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, though. D: Or when I try to do something on the computer and then it turns out... not well. It's very discouraging! I've also noticed that DevART is kinda quiet lately. I used to get tons of feedback on my work, and now it's... well, more or less negligible. (Come on, dA!)

I guess that brings me to another point. I also have my art blog on Tumblr but not many followers at all. I know there are more art sites out there, but it's so hard to know what's good. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to let me know.

Other than that... Not much to say about my personal life. If anyone has questions about any of my projects or suggestions, tips, etc etc just leave me a comment. Hope to get back in touch with some of you. C:


roleplay4life's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey there, I'm Christine, and welcome to my DeviantART. I post a little bit of everything here, but primarily traditional, mixed media, and digital arts; as well as prose writing.

I have OCs from many different eras, including the 1970s America, 1500s England, ancient Rome and Greece, and a number of fantasy locations inspired by various locations around the world.

My biggest fandoms right now are Pokémon, Star Trek, and Stargate. I love a lot of things, though, so you could see just about anything here! Thanks for stopping by.

(P.S. I love llamas! :llama:)


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Okay, so I guess people need an incentive to give me points, so here it is:
- Donate five or more points, I'll give you a request. That's right, a REQUEST. And it will be completed, LOL.
- Less than five points and I'll feature you as an "Artist of the Entry" in my journal (yes AotE is coming back!). It's a feature of you and two of your art pieces, and it's cool.

And of course, all donations go towards helping one of your fellow Deviants!

I LIKE LLAMAS TOO!!! :heart:

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